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At any point during the student's high school career, Boyer Educational Consulting will guide students to become architects of their own education. We strive to give students the tools to develop resiliency within their academic and personal lives, which will positively affect their relationships and experiences, and help shape their futures.

At Boyer Educational Consulting, we believe that starting early is of the utmost importance. By engaging services during 9th and 10th grade, students begin to hear from others outside of family and loved ones how important it is to develop the academic and personal skills that will carry them through high school, college and beyond. We work closely with the student and family to carefully design a 4-year educational plan that focuses on course selection, extracurricular development, summer activities, community service and athletic endeavors. By implementing the JEKL 3 Formula (J3 Formula), students will embark on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately realize their authenticity, which will result in their personal empowerment. Through the development
of strong communication skills, students will be able to not only navigate high school and college, but also implement these strategies well into their adult lives.

At the end of sophomore year, the college process formally begins. Prior to this, conversations about “college” are kept to a minimum. We will begin to talk about specific tasks that need to be executed in order to stay ahead of the process. Awareness is key to students being in control and ultimately developing confidence and self-assuredness. We believe that a structured and strategic approach with direct and honest feedback yields the
best results. While we are supportive of all students’ goals for their future, we are direct with realistic guidance, which will incorporate a range of appropriate college options, including likely, target, and competitive choices.  Most Boyer Educational Consulting students are typically offered merit money from at least one of their
college choices.


We are here to meet all of your educational needs and individualize a program that will support your student throughout high school. 


"My older brother had worked with Laura throughout his college application process, and so when my Junior year rolled around I knew I also wanted to work with Laura, someone who would help advise me throughout the challenging Junior/Senior year timeframe..."

Amelia O., student

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