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​Available for juniors and seniors

Students may sign on at any point up to June 30th prior to the end of their junior year. There is no prorated option for this package.

Junior and senior year of high school proves to be the most intense time of a student’s academic career. Students are excited to leave home but may also be nervous about being away from their family. Parents are trying to give their teenager some independence while not giving them too much freedom. It is a challenging balance and one that will require both sensitivity and communication. A holistic approach to the college process involves the student and family. The application process is a learning opportunity for everyone involved. Students will mature, become more self-aware, and develop a stronger sense of confidence through the self-evaluation process.


Since the college review process focuses on many aspects of a student’s record, it is important to ensure that a student has taken advantage of all academic and extracurricular opportunities to create a compelling application. Additionally, the consultant will discuss standardized testing and create a testing plan and schedule for the student.

The Complete College Planning Package will provide counseling to students and families. Attention is placed on:

  • Reviewing the student’s academic schedule and planning throughout the process

  • Developing a standardized testing schedule

  • Maintaining extracurricular involvement and adding or refocusing time spent in current activities

  • Discussion and planning for summer activities

  • Evaluating self and current interests

  • Developing a broad list of schools that include “likely”, “possible” and “competitive” choices (the consultant will plan to identify schools that will maximize merit scholarship options for students)

  • Preparing for college interviews

  • Helping students complete applications including discussion, evaluation, and editing of all essays and suggesting submission of other materials that will strengthen the application

  • Guiding students in the decision-making process and selecting first year college courses

  • Creating an Activity Resume (if applicable)




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