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Developing academic and personal awareness and critical thinking skills early on will enable students to effectively manage the transition to high school. Learning how to balance stress, develop advocacy skills, and approach both academic and personal situations that seem challenging will aid students in maximizing their intellectual and emotional potential.


Through an in-depth evaluation of a student’s academic plan, including course selection, extracurricular involvement, and standardized testing we will strategically plan for future course selection, both extracurricular and summer involvement, and standardized testing. 



  • Five one-hour in-person meetings

  • Additional support through scheduled phone consultations and email correspondence 

  • Identification of appropriate academic courses for the following academic year

  • Discussion of academic disciplines which will enable students to develop a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses

  • Identification of extracurricular and co-curricular activities

  • Plan for summer activities/internships

  • Discussion of standardized testing for future test dates

  • Establishment of critical thinking, advocacy, accountability and awareness skills


Junior year is a critical time for students to demonstrate their academic and personal potential. Focus is placed on strategically developing a college list, planning and taking standardized tests, and refining and participating in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Developing a strong foundation during junior year will make the application process manageable and enjoyable. 


While focus is placed on preparing for the application process, attention will also be placed on developing and building self-awareness, accountability, critical thinking and managing intellectual and personal energy so that students can be more efficient in their academic and personal lives.   



  • Scheduled monthly in-person meetings between July and January and then meetings once every other week between February and June

  • Additional support through scheduled phone consultations and email correspondence

  • In-depth evaluation of the student’s academic record and planning for (senior year) courses

  • Assessment of standardized testing and development of testing plan with recommendations made for test preparation (if necessary)

  • Discussion of extracurricular activities and recommendations to strengthen meaningful involvement or suggestions to identify opportunities for involvement

  • Identify post-11th grade summer opportunities

  • Development of initial college list including a broad range of choices for each student which will include LIKELY, POSSIBLE, and COMPETITIVE choices

  • Preparation to visit colleges and maximize time on campus

  • Preparation for college interviews (this will be done with each student regardless of the college requirement as the ability to interview is a critical skill)

  • Set up a Common Application account and complete draft

  • Development of critical thinking, advocacy, accountability and self-awareness skills


Students will receive individualized support throughout the school year. While much of a student’s profile is set by this time, there is still opportunity to shape out and creatively manage the student’s personal story. Emphasis will be placed on developing a compelling college application while ensuring authenticity of each student’s personal and academic experience. We will strategically plan and execute this process in a structured manner which will be tailored to each student’s individual needs. By identifying unique traits and practicing self-awareness, the student will grow both personally
and academically allowing them to distinguish themselves in the admissions pool. Applying critical thinking and intellectual and personal energy, while demonstrating accountability to all aspects of the application process, students will develop applications that will stand out even in the most competitive applicant pools. Beyond the application, students will experience personal growth as they become more aware and accountable to themselves and others, which will lend to their success in college and beyond.


  • Comprehensive guidance throughout the senior year directed toward the application process

  • Scheduled in-person meetings once every other week (through submission of the applications)*

  • On-going scheduled phone consultations and email correspondence

  • Establish an academic, extracurricular and standardized testing summary

  • Structured schedule and timeline for each part of the application process

  • Create or finalize college list

  • Guidance and editing of all college applications, specifically completion of Common Application and all supplementary materials

  • Guidance and editing of all college essays

  • Support through submission of college applications and standardized testing

  • Development of resume showcasing extensive involvement (as needed)

  • Advising on supplementary materials highlighting special talents and involvement (ie. artists, athletes, musicians, actors, etc.)

  • Preparation for college interviews (this will be done with each student regardless of the college requirement as the ability to interview is a critical skill)

  • Follow up after college decisions to select the best fit school or navigate waitlist or deferral

  • Guidance to register for first year college courses

  • Discussion of Gap Year programs as needed

  • Development of critical thinking, advocacy, accountability and self-awareness skills

*additional meetings will be scheduled based on the individual needs of the student to ensure completion of the application, essays and supporting documents


For those families who would like to contract for two years, the program will include all of the above-mentioned services from 11th and 12th Grade Consulting and provide a reduction in fees. Families may sign on any time during junior year (July 1st -June 30th) and opt into the joint program.


Comprehensive 4-Year Planning will include all of the above-mentioned services from 9th through 12th Grade Consulting and provide a reduction in fees. 


Short on time? Late to the process? This MINI APPLICATION SEMINAR is for you. Beginning in July, there will be FOUR 90-MINUTE sessions that students will attend to fill out their Common Application template, receive feedback and light edits on their essays, and suggestions for completing a compelling application. This application seminar does not guarantee finalized essays, however, students will have a clear execution plan and guidance for moving forward. Each MINI SESSION group will have at least four students and no more than six. 

For those students who want to continue with individualized consulting, the 12th Grade Consulting program can be prorated. 


Evaluation, guidance, and conversation by the hour. Hourly consulting is best for clients who have a few questions or to college students who would like to explore the transfer process. 

We serve clients throughout Connecticut and offer remote work throughout the country and internationally.

"Laura took the time to get to know me as a holistic applicant rather than an admissions statistic..." 

Emily D., student

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